Thursday, November 26, 2009

Abi Titmuss

Abi Titmuss - an English personality with a storied career being famous. Starting out as a nurse, Abi Titmuss branched out into other pursuits after becoming involved with TV presenter John Leslie. Adept at exploiting Britain's tabloids, Titmuss saw her fame increase after a sex tape featuring Leslie went public. Commenting on the sex tape, Titmuss said, "I'm not like those glamour girls who say: 'I'm really dirty, I'm really bad', then just pose around. I really am dirty and bad - I love sex." Appearing as a page three girl and appearing on the cover of men's magazines (an amazing 38 times in 2004 and 2005), Titmuss has also appeared as a TV presenter and a reality show mainstay, co-authoring a book about sexual fantasies and releasing her own memoirs. Shockingly, she's slated to play Lady Macbeth in a reputable production of Macbeth.

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